Application Name In Connection String

Every day I learn something new at work or while doing stuff at home. Today I learned how to add the Application Name parameter to a connection string so the application name will appear in the SQL Server 2005 Activity Monitor instead of .NET SqlClient Data Provider which is what is shown if you do not specify the Application Name parameter. I am reading a book on SQL Server 2005 administration on my lunch breaks so I hope to learn more of the DBA role.

This evening I ordered 2 GB of memory for my computer because my system is running poorly. I have at least four programs that seem starved for memory and can’t be run at the same time; Outlook 2007, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio, and After Effects. Since these are the programs I use the most I really need to do something about this problem. Unfortunately my motherboard will not accept more than 2 GB of memory. I should buy a dual processor system that can accept more memory but I don’t want to lose a week doing a system migration.

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