Yahoo! Widget For Stickam Online Presence

Over the weekend I developed a custom Yahoo! Widget to show the online presence of a single Stickam friend. Yahoo! Widgets are little desktop applications based on the Konfabulator application platform that Yahoo acquired. Developing a Yahoo! Widget requires a knowledge of XML and JavaScript. You also have to be pretty good at creating PNG graphics with transparency, drop shadows, and gradients.

I have submitted my Stickam widget to the Yahoo! Widget Gallery but I don’t know if it will be accepted because they may object to my use of the Stickam logo for the dock image. You can download the Yahoo! Widget engine at and then search the gallery for widgets you might find useful. You can always obtain my Stickam widget directly from me if it is not added to the gallery.

Yahoo! Widget Stickam

The screen capture above shows that Producing101, a popular web cam chat host, is currently offline and was last online on June 3rd, 2007 at 12:15 AM.

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