Weekend Roundup – 3D Invigorator, YouTube For Dummies, Stickam Widget

Today I finally got around to learning how to use the 3D Invigorator software I bought from Zaxwerks. I created some 3D titles and figured out how to rotate them in 3D space. I was extremely pleased with the result. It can be pretty difficult to position something in 3D space because you have to deal with the X, Y, and Z axis and the mouse is not very useful for moving something in three dimensions.

There will be a YouTube For Dummies book published soon. I have placed a pre-order for this book on Amazon because YouTube is a big part of my social life and provides most of my entertainment.

YouTube For Dummies

The Yahoo! Widget Gallery still has not reviewed my Stickam Online Presence widget so I have uploaded it to my web site to make it available to the public. You can download it here as a zip file: http://www.williamsportwebdeveloper.com/stickam.zip I was unable to make it available without compressing it to a zip file because the web server refused to serve files with the .widget file extension.

Yesterday I tried DynamicPDF for the .NET Framework. I was really impressed by how easy it was to use. It has a custom designer which resembles Visual Studio. It generates XML which is easy to understand and adjust. In fact, the design view and code view makes it quite similar to working with HTML. It only takes three lines of actual code to then generate a PDF file that includes data from a database. I will probably be using DynamicPDF in two projects which require PDFs to be created from data in the database.

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