North Coast Gathering – YouTube Meet Up

The bus trip to Washington DC for Saturday, September 29th has been canceled. There was not enough interest. So instead I plan on going to the North Coast Gathering for YouTube, Stickam, and LiveVideo vloggers which will be held on Sept. 29th and 30th in Sandusky Ohio. This event is being put on by Zen Archer, a popular vlogger on YouTube. He does not vlog much now and spends more time doing his Zen Live radio show on Stickam which I frequently participate in via text chat. If I do go to this gathering I won’t get any work done on Saturday and Sunday.

I did buy a design template to redo my web site with a multimedia emphasis. The design template I choose is for a film studio so I need to customize it extensively. I don’t have any problems customizing a web design but I’m not very good at creating one from scratch. I’m too busy to do the redesign now and if I am away over the weekend I won’t be able to get it done this week.

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