1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE

Yesterday I bought a new used car, a 1994 Pontiac Grand Prix SE. It is the same color, red, and mileage 157,000 as my last car so in that respect it is not much of an improvement. However it has air conditioning and power windows. The body is free from dents and it runs well. The paint was coming off the roof of my old car and it had trouble accelerating.

Today I got a lot of work done on two projects but I didn’t do anything new. I’m reading a book on CSS during my lunch breaks, Professional CSS: Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design by Christopher Schmitt, etc. There are a few aspects of CSS I’d like to understand better like floats. And the book did direct me to a way to do drop down menus using nothing but CSS and a little JavaScript. That reminds me that I would like to redesign my web site. The current web site design is hard to update and I need to get rid of outdated content. I also want to change the focus from web development to video production as a way to encourage a different set of clients. I’ll keep my domain name but remove the Williamsport connection.

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