The Crucible: Dark Play Of The Occult

Yesterday I saw The Crucible at the Walter Kerr Theatre on Broadway. I was really shocked by what I saw for apparently Broadway has turned to the dark arts in its quest for box office success. I’ve never thought of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as an occult masterpiece, but of course it is. The play is all about witches and their witchcraft.¬†Broadway artists must now be practicing witchcraft too, for I saw many things occur during the course of this play which I cannot explain.

For example, after the intermission a wolf loped out onto the stage. A real live wolf loose in the theater! The wolf sniffed around the stage a bit and then stood stock still in the spotlight, looking out into the audience like it was an actor hitting his mark. My God, it was unnatural! You could not train a real wolf to do such a thing. It had to have been a devil dog. These Broadway sorcerers conjured up a devil dog in the shape of a wolf and set it loose on the stage. The fools! What if the devil dog had jumped off the stage and gone for our throats! You can’t control a wolf. Or can you? If you practice the black arts I suppose you can make a wolf do anything. You can even make it your actor!

Several of the young actresses in the play were clearly being possessed by spirits and in that state, strange things would occur onstage. For example, the writing in chalk on the blackboard would slowly transform into other words, words of power, and spectral moths appeared on the blackboard, like living chalk moths.

The play was set in a contemporary classroom and this too shows a certain craftiness for most people have been introduced to The Crucible in the classroom. This play is frequently taught in high school English classes. So setting the play in a contemporary classroom was clearly intended to invoke those memories, making the mind more susceptible to these dark workings.

I’m sure many people will make excuses for this Broadway play. They will claim it is merely entertainment, a work of the imagination. But you must take care in what you put out into the world. In the world of the imagination, a work of the imagination is very real. To the psyche, the soul, everything that occurs in the imagination has a symbolic meaning and is part of its reality. Disturbing images and weird occurrences are genuinely disturbing and weird to your unconscious. Your psyche does not have your reason to distinguish between illusion and reality. Practicing witchcraft in the theater summons dreadful things from the spirit world and makes them a living presence in our world. The theater is all about creating illusion on the stage, giving works of the imagination a physical presence in the world. It is a conjuring!

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