Web Parts, YAML, Washington DC

This blog post is going to wrap up a week of activity that didn’t give me time to blog. This week I worked on an important web part that creates a parent / child relationship between two database tables. I based it on the Northwinds sample database and used some code from my book on web parts but without its particular database access methods because that was not a standard approach. This gave me a lot of trouble because there is little sample code to be found on the Internet for this type of web part connection. I found this rather surprising because you can’t use web parts for any serious web application work without using them to interact with a database. I created one web part to show a list of departments and another web part to show the department’s employees based on the selected department.

Today I discovered YAML Yet Another Markup Language which I found in a PHP web application’s scripts (i.e. SPYC – Simple PHP YAML Class). I added some info on this to my notes even though I may never use it.

Next week I will be going to the National Book Festival in Washington DC. This means I won’t get any work done next Saturday.

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