YouCruise – YouTube Carnival Cruise

I have booked a cabin on the YouCruise, a Carnival cruise for YouTube vloggers. The YouCruise was the idea of YouTube rant comic, Pipistrello. You can download a Word file with all the details at: YouCruise.doc. I frequently watch the WingsSpanRadio show put on by Pipistrello and RavensLaugh on Stickam. Pipistrello pimps the cruise during the show.

Apparently there have not been very many confirmed bookings. This event will probably not be as well attended as other YouTube gatherings, but it should be a lot more fun. Many vloggers cannot afford a cruise. I know several vloggers have been doing a lot of travelling to attend previous gatherings and it has drained their finances. I recently suggested that we have a gathering in Second Life which would not require any travel. I would prefer to meet with more vloggers but the small number of people may work to my advantage because I’ll be less likely to get lost in the crowd. All of these vloggers are major attention whores so they are likely to monopolize a get together.

Going on the YouCruise will mean that I will appear in many videos. Everyone will have their video cameras to make videos for YouTube. I hate being on camera and actually avoid it but this won’t be possible on the cruise.

I have applied for a United States Passport which is required for the shore excursion to Nassau, Bahamas.

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