Photoshop And VB.NET Window Services

Last night I learned how to create Layer Masks, Vector Masks, and Clipping Masks in Photoshop. I had to work through various tutorials and take some notes on everything that I had to figure out. For example, you cannot create a vector mask from a selection. You have to use the pen tool to create a path. I should spend more time studying Photoshop because it is more fun than struggling with code. It satisfies my creative urges. I do have a Photoshop Wow book with many cool tips and tricks. Unfortunately it requires hours of experimentation to learn how to do something cool.

Today I learned how to create a windows service using VB.NET. This took several hours due to some confusion over which timer object to use. I found many message board posts on the Internet about this issue but unfortunately the first tutorial I found did not mention it. I’ve been using scheduled tasks and web services for automation but a windows service would be easier to manage. I need to automate something on a dedicated web server where I will be able to install a windows service.

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