Williamsport Media Developer – Site Redesign Is Finished

This afternoon I finally finished my web site redesign and published the changes. I changed the name of the site from Williamsport Web Developer to Williamsport Media Developer because I wanted to emphasize my interest in new media. I did not change my domain name though.

The new web site design is meant to kill my business. This may seem unwise but I’ve been getting too many projects from clients that can’t afford to pay for the work I do. I would prefer to work in the more lucrative field of video production. The online entertainment industry can afford to pay more than e-commerce web sites and the work is more exciting. I don’t expect to get a lot of work but that is alright because I have plenty of work to keep me busy now.

I did not create the Flash animation or the web site design. I bought a template from Template Monster.com. However I did have to edit every aspect of the template. I had to edit the Flash file to change the links, the text, and the hyperlinks. I had to edit the Photoshop file to change its text and to create a header and footer. I had to edit the web pages for content and to make the HTML markup better for the search engines. I also had to edit the style sheet to make the text easier to read. It was actually a lot of work for a small site. I used the SWFObject to embed the Flash content because it is more reliable than the code the template used.

I will continue to make changes to the web site but most of the additional work will be to improve the content.

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