Terry Roth & Another Pretty Face: Live From The China Club

Yesterday I got the Terry Roth & Another Pretty Face: Live From The China Club DVD I ordered. Terry Roth is a very popular vlogger on YouTube where he is known as Zipster. I see him every night in the NutCheese Stickam room. Terry is more famous now for being a YouTube celebrity. Some people may argue that nobody on YouTube is a celebrity but I’ve gotten rid of my cable TV and these are the people that entertain me now. That makes them celebrities in my eyes.

Terry used to be a glam rock singer. The DVD is to commemorate a reunion gig for his old band. It includes a Rockumentary and live concert footage. It is pretty cool to have a DVD featuring a performer that you see every night chatting with all your friends. The early punk rock scene was inspired by glam rock and apparently Terry met Deborah Harry, The New York Dolls, and Iggy Pop when his band played CBGB and Max’s Kansas City.

You can met a lot of creative people on YouTube where everyone is learning how to edit digital video and how to entertain people. There have been a lot of collaborative videos made and I can see this becoming a thriving artistic community. Sometimes it is like a Fellini movie full of freaky people and bad melodrama. You could also compare the scene to Andy Warhol’s Factory days when he made underground art movies with a lot of weirdos. I expect YouTube to become a significant part of our cultural history.

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