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I have begun the redesign of my web site using the template I bought. I wish I could upload it now but I still have to write a lot of content and do a lot more work on it. My new web site will emphasize my multimedia skills instead of my programming skills because I would rather do something creative than technical. However, I won’t completely eliminate programming content. I will have some pages on scripting After Effects, coding widgets, and developing mashup sites using web parts and RSS feeds.

Today I had to edit the multimedia header which was done in Macromedia Flash. I don’t know Flash that well but I can edit text and add links. I wasted some time trying to get Flash to find a few missing fonts which were actually provided with the template and properly installed. I eventually gave up on that and just changed the fonts that are used.

In addition to redesigning my web site in such a way that potential clients will be less likely to seek my services, I also plan to double my rates for any new clients. I have been overworked because I charge too little. The clients I do get tend to be on a tight budget and refuse to pay me for the work I do. Therefore it makes sense for me to charge a lot more to cut down on my work load and attract clients who can actually afford web development.

Amazon now allows you to upload video reviews of the books and products you buy from them. This has me really excited because I think it is an excellent way to get the attention of an author. It is just another example of how online video is increasingly important on the Internet. I’m pleased that I have developed my video editing skills sufficiently to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that now exist.

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