French Grammar Cheat Sheet: Review

I have been given a French Grammar cheat sheet to review. This cheat sheet conjugates many of the major verbs in several tenses. It also has two pages of hand written notes which are a bit hard to read. You can buy this cheat sheet for $15.00 ($7.00 for students) from

I am still adding pages to my personal French notes which I do not share with the public because it contains a lot of copyrighted material. In my notes on major verbs, I do not conjugate the verb in all the tenses. I only do the present tense, the past tense, and the future tense. But I do include all the sample sentences I can find from various sources. I think the sample sentences are proving to be the most helpful in improving my French because it exposes me to many other words in addition to the verb I am studying. I have also built up my prepositions, adverbs, and adjectives which really improves my reading ability.

Since my Poconos trip for the summer has been canceled, I have decided to go to Montreal instead. I already have time off from work approved. Montreal is a major francophone city. I should be able to find lots of French language materials there and I’ll experience a culture which is described in many of my French textbooks. It should also prove to be really inspiring which is very important. You really need to keep your enthusiasm level up to continue the tedious chore of learning a language.

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