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I have not written a blog post since October. I have not been traveling over the winter. I should write about my business instead of my travels. I am falling way behind on the technology because I spend more time on travel preparation than anything else. That is not to say that my skills aren’t progressing because I occasionally learn how to do something new. I now have Visual Studio 2010 at work so I’ve started a new web application using ASP.NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. I’m also using SubSonic 3.0 for that project.

I should buy some books on Git, Drupal, and CodeIgnitor because those are all the things I have an immediate need to learn. I have been buying some hardware. I now have a scanner that works with Vista. Scanners are pretty cheap and I was getting tired of booting up an old system just to do some scanning. I also have a Kindle. As a bibliomaniac I prefer good old paper books but my house is so crammed with books that there was a crying need to go digital. So far I have not taken to my e-reader. I bought a few books for it but I do not read them. The Kindle is no better than an old Palm Pilot with a screen that does not come close to matching the crispness of print. But maybe I will come to appreciate it when I take it on a trip.

My brother gave me a SuperPad for Christmas. I barely use it because it is hard to scroll the screen without making an accidental selection. The SuperPad is similar to an iPad but it runs the Android operating system from Google. If I used it more often I might have some incentive to create Android applications. I am disappointed that it cannot run Flash which means I can’t use my SuperPad for Google Street View. This rules the device out as a replacement for my laptop when traveling. Unfortunately, my iBook is now too old to run the latest version of the Flash Player so I’ll have to buy a cheap laptop to use while traveling.

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