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The Painter 8 Wow! Book

At work I usually read a book during my lunch break after eating my packed lunch. I sometimes pick a book that I just want to finally get through. But often I read a technology book that will be seen … Continue reading

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Don’t Rush A Web Developer

I like to work very slowly. This can be frustrating for a client but there are good reasons to work at a slower pace. Programming is not something that should be done in a rush. One of the biggest problems … Continue reading

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Mobile Web Site Design – Scale Images

I continue to develop my expertise in designing web sites for mobile devices. I’ve been dissatisfied with the display of my travel notes on my iPod Touch. Wide images would force the page width to exceed the limited width of … Continue reading

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Web Site Revamped

Tonight I revamped my web site. I have not updated my web site in a long time although I had a task on my To Do List to improve the wording. I have updated the content to reflect my current … Continue reading

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Blog Improvements

Today I installed the Now Reading widget to my WordPress blog. This is just what I needed, a way to manage the information on what I’m currently reading. Unfortunately my life is so dull that I have nothing to report … Continue reading

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Creating WordPress Themes

I’ve been studying WordPress Themes in order to improve my web design skills. WordPress is very popular in the web design community. I have seen many tutorials on designing for WordPress so I decided to master that skill. I’m very … Continue reading

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Ohio Trip This Weekend

I’ll be doing some more traveling this weekend. This time I am going to Strongsville, OH to attend the North Coast Gathering II hosted by Zen Live Radio. Zen Live is one of the most popular radio programs on Stickam … Continue reading

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A Day At The Museum Of Modern Art

I spent all day Saturday, November 22nd 2008, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. I’ve been to MoMA once before on April 30th, 2005. I was just reviewing an old blog post about that trip. This … Continue reading

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New York City Trip This Weekend

I am going on a bus trip to New York City this weekend so I won’t be getting any work done on Saturday. The bus trip is sponsored by the Penn College Alumni Association and will take up my entire … Continue reading

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