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I've gotten heavily into the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format because it is more convenient than XML for client-side AJAX web applications. When you use JSON you can avoid the cross-domain request restrictions of the XMLHttpRequest object. This has made it possible for me to use AJAX in my compiled HTML help files and Microsoft Document Explorer integrated help collections. Since these small web applications (i.e. widgets) are written entirely in client-side JavaScript with no server-side web application framework code, I've decided to make them public on my web site to demonstrate my work in AJAX. AJAX is considered to be a key feature of Web 2.0 and the future of web applications.

If you are a web developer, you can view the page source to find the JavaScript source code. I am using a few JavaScript libraries like jQuery. I'm using Yahoo! Pipes to convert some XML data sources into JSON data sources. Most of my AJAX web pages reflect my interests so there are many video site "widgets" in addition to the major web site data sources like Amazon, eBay, and Flickr.

NOTE: I'm not responsible for some of the content that may show up from these third-party web sites.

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