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About Me

I am a freelance web developer based in Williamsport PA. I have worked as a web developer for small firm. I currently work full time as a programmer. I continue to support a small number of clients, none of whom are based in Williamsport.


I have extensive experience in web development on the Windows platform. I specialize in ASP.NET web applications and can program in C# or VB.NET. I also have considerable experience with SQL Server. I have delved into some obscure aspects of SQL Server such as User-Defined Functions, SSIS Packages, and Report Server. I've also worked in PHP and MySQL with special consideration for Drupal, and WordPress. I maintain a Drupal site as part of my full time job which requires troubleshooting PHP errors and tweaking the custom web site design. One of my clients runs several WordPress web sites which occassionally need attention.


Although I work primarily as a programmer, I have a wide variety of skills and don't limit myself to coding. I study every aspect of web development. My greatest strength and principal skill is programming so I have learned many programming languages and techniques for web application development. Since every web application requires a database I have also acquired a lot of knowledge about the two most popular databases for web applications; SQL Server and MySQL. I spend a lot of time working on a database schema, writing complicated queries, and backing up data.

Atificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence intrigues me so I have done extensive exploration of the open source software for machine learning and deep learning. To be honest, the math is often far above my understanding but I have learned how to do some basic things like image recognition. In particular, I have learned Python quite extensively with an emphasis on math and data science. The one area of artificial intelligence that I feel I have mastered is natural language processing. As a creative writer, natural language processing interests me so I have devoted more time to studying it.

Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is my latest passion. I like playing around with computer graphics because it combines problem solving with the fun of computer games, at least the computer graphics aspect of computer games. This also encourages me to learn more math although mostly just geometry. Most of my experiments with computer graphics have been using processing.js. You can find examples of my work at: https://www.openprocessing.org/user/140281#sketches


My work does not give me as much opportunity to be creative as I would like. I do feel a natural affinity for design so I am increasingly devoting my time to studying web design. I have learned everything there is to know about CSS although I still browse the Internet for additional tips and tricks. I use Adobe Photoshop every day.


As you can see, I am skilled in all aspects of web development. I maintain an entrepreneur's interest in technology and don't limit myself to a narrow specialty.

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