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YouTube Data Backup Tool

Due to the fact that the web application version of the YouTube Favorites Back Up to Excel tool cannot handle large playlists, I have developed a Windows application version which will not time out. You can also generate a list of your playlists which is handy for matching up the playlist ids with the playlist names.

YouTube Data Backup Tool

NOTE: My YouTube API Services quota has been reduced to default allocation. This means you will get 403 Forbidden errors when the quota has been exceeded. I have requested an increase but I get no response.

YouTube API Services Quota

This Windows application is being made available for a nominal fee of $5.00 which provides just enough encouragement to keep me working on improvements. I won't bother with a fancy software distribution method for now. Just pay me $5.00 to my Pay Pal account and I will email you the link to the downloadable file on Google Drive. If this arrangement does not work out I will explore other options.

Recent improvements to the Windows application include the option to use the playlist name in the file name, the option to set the date format, and the option to use short urls. User settings are now stored in the registry instead of the user.config file because option settings were not being retained.

Stripe Payment Option

I have finally purchased a SSL certificate for my web site and can now offer a more professional payment option. You can now purchase the YouTube Data Backup Tool using your credit card or debit card.

The advantage to this option is that you will immediately be given a link to download the software.

Paypal Option

If you choose to use PayPal there will be a delay until I can share the Google Drive folder with you. The Google Drive folder has several versions of the Windows application.

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