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Programming by Robert S. Robbins. This web application backs up the information on your YouTube subscriptions to an Excel spreadsheet. You can then save the Excel file to your hard drive or other media. The reason you may want to export your subscriptions from the YouTube database is because YouTube has been deleting the accounts of content creators who violate their terms of service. Some accounts have been deleted without warning or explanation. If you subscribe to a lot of people and lose your account, you may be unable to remember them all. However, if you have backed up the channel information then you can resubscribe to everyone on a new account. Check out my other pages to back up your favorites.


Internet Explorer will pop up a File Download dialog box giving you the option to Open or Save the YouTube-Subscriptions.xls file. You will need Microsoft Office Excel or a program capable of opening Excel files like Open Office.
File Download Dialog Box
If you choose to open the file you will see another dialog box warning about the file extension. This is because the Excel file is in the HTML format but is being delivered with the XLS file extension. You can safely ignore this message so just click yes.

Microsoft Office Excel

NOTE: It is important to realize that this Excel file is in the HTML format (essentially a HTML table) and needs to be saved from Excel in the native binary format to create a true Excel file.

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